Fortnum & Mason still sells foie gras, an unethical food product made by force-feeding terrified ducks and geese until their livers become diseased and swell to up to 10 times their natural size.

It's illegal to produce foie gras in Great Britain because it's so cruel. Veterinarians and avian experts agree that it's impossible to produce foie gras humanely. And it's a scandal that Fortnum & Mason, a store that trades on its British heritage, continues to sell foie gras, buying from foreign suppliers who abuse animals.

Our undercover footage, narrated by Sir Roger Moore, shows exactly what happens on French foie gras farms that supply Fortnum & Mason's distributor, where birds are force-fed and murdered for profit.

Ask Fortnum & Mason to stop selling vile foie gras today!


Fortnum's New Dubai Store Goes Foie Gras–Free

After PETA released a new Arabic anti–foie gras ad, the company announced that its overseas store would not sell the cruel foodstuff.

Animal-Welfare Groups Unite Against 'Torture in a Tin'

Organisations, including the RSPCA and the International Veterinary Society, speak out against foie gras sales.

Members of Parliament Disgusted That Fortnum & Mason Sells Foie Gras

Politicians from every major party get on board with PETA's campaign against the vile foie gras trade.

Sir Roger Moore Boycotts Fortnum & Mason, Finances New Ad

The James Bond star lends his face to the campaign against the horrific force-feeding of birds.

Fortnum & Mason's Royal Warrants Threatened Because of Foie Gras Sales

Thousands of people send messages to the Royal Warrant Holders Association calling for the shop's warrants to be stripped as long as it profits from cruelty.

The House of Lords Goes Foie Gras–Free

Compassionate peers work with PETA to get foie gras taken off the menu, following in the footsteps of other high-profile venues, including the Royal Shakespeare Company, Wimbledon and Lord's Cricket Ground.

PETA Takes Advantage of New Law and Creates Parody of Fortnum & Mason's Website

The Force-fed & Murdered website reveals the shocking cruelty behind the department store's traditional image.

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